July 23, 2014


Deadline for Jeanne Kissner Undergraduate Award in Humanities is September 1, 2013. Send nomination letters to info@acsus.org 

The Jeanne Kissner Undergraduate Essay in Humanities Award was created in honor of the late Jeanne Kissner, Co-Director of the Center for the Study of Canada at Plattsburgh State University. Professor Kissner was unflagging in her support of Canadian studies education at the undergraduate level and had always hoped that such an award would be established.

The award will recognize an undergraduate essay that presents a scholarly exploration of any Canadian studies theme.

The competition is open to all undergraduates in the United States who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents of the United States and enrolled in a course in Canadian studies during the two years preceding the biennial ACSUS Conference.

The author of the winning essay will receive free registration for the next ACSUS biennial conference (Tampa, November 2013), complimentary membership in ACSUS for two years, and a cetificate of recognition. 


Instructors are asked to select and submit one essay on any Canadian topic from one student enrolled in each of their Canadian Studies courses. A paper between 5-15 typed pages (double-spaced) in length is preferred.

Please send the nominated essays by email to info@acsus.org no later than September 1, 2013. 

Essays will be judged in terms of their originality and effective presentation. The student will be notified promptly of the award and presented with a certificate of citation.


Brendan Shanahan is the recipient of the 2011 Jeanne Kissner Award for “Nativist Discourse and Multifaceted Interactions with les nouveaux venus: French Canada Responds to Mass Immigration, 1896-1914”. The paper was written for a Canadian Immigration History Seminar in the Department of History and Classical Studies at McGill University. A US citizen, Shanahan is pursuing a PhD at UC Berkeley. The committee was impressed by Shanahan’s ability to engage both Francophone and Anglophone sources as well as the theoretical rigor of the research.

The Jeanne Kissner award was presented at the 40th Anniversary Gala/Awards Ceremony on Thursday, November 17, 7:00pm—9:00pm at the Canadian Museum of Civilization.