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The editors of the American Review of Canadian Studies are pleased to announce to the Canadian Studies community the publication of volume 52, issue 3 (Fall 2022). This special issue, guest edited by Nadine Fabbi and Patricia Johnston, is titled Social Services, Supports and Well-being in Arctic Canada and Beyond" and features a variety of scholarly articles on this timely theme. All ACSUS members can access the journal (its current issue and back issues) for free using the “ARCS Journal” link on the ACSUS website.

American Review of Canadian Studies      Volume 52, Number 3 (Fall 2022)

Editors: Andrew C. Holman and Brian Payne

ARCS online:

Special Issue: Social Services, Supports and Well-being in Arctic Canada and Beyond

Guest Editors: Nadine Fabbi and Patricia Johnston



Introduction to Social Services, Supports, and Well-Being in Arctic Canada and Beyond

Patricia Johnston, Nadine Fabbi, and Tram Nguyen

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Storying and re-storying: Co-creating Indigenous well-being through Relational Knowledge


Jessica Saniġaq Ullrich, LaVerne Xilegg Demientieff, and Emma Elliott

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Perspectives on “Community” with Inuit Living in Southern Quebec

Mathilde Lapointe, Nathalie Boucher, Ariane Benoit, and Christopher Fletcher

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More than Needle and Thread: Inuit Knowledge Sharing and Well-being through

Community-based Programs

Ezra Anton Greene and Krista Ulujuk Zawadski

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Accelerating Inuit Teacher Education in Inuit Nunangat      

Paul Berger

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Walking the Decolonization Talk: Reckoning with the Past and Wrestling with the Present to

Reimagine the Future of Social Work Education in Nunavik

Nicole Lamb Ives and Wanda Gabriel

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Stronger When We Are Together: Inuit Mothers’ Visions for Child and Family Wellness in

Nunavut, Canada

Patricia Johnston, Shirley Tagalik and Rosanna Amarudjuak

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Comparative Analysis of Services for Canadian Inuit for Tuberculosis, Suicide Prevention, and

Smoking Cessation: Common Themes and Underlying Issues

Marika Morris

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Filming from Two Sides: Lessons from the Gjoa Haven Film Society

Mark Stoller

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