ARCS Winter 2022 Issue Now Online

The editors of the American Review of Canadian Studies are pleased to announce to the Canadian Studies community the publication of volume 52, issue 4 (Winter 2022). It features timely articles from a variety of disciplines.  

Les rédacteurs en chef de l'American Review of Canadian Studies ont le plaisir d'annoncer à la communauté des études canadiennes la publication du volume 52, numéro 4 (hiver 2021). Il présente des articles de diverses disciplines.


American Review of Canadian Studies     Volume 52, Number 4 (Winter 2022)

Editors: Andrew C. Holman and Brian Payne

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The Presidents and the Polls, 1963-2021: An Inquiry into Canadian Anti-Americanism

Stephen Azzi and Norman Hillmer

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Margaret Laurence’s Living-Room War: Bringing Violence Home in The Fire-Dwellers

Kait Pinder

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Lifeblood of the Party: Motivations for Political Donations in Canada

Holly Ann Garnett, Scott Pruysers, Lisa Young, and William P. Cross

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The South Carolina Commission and the Creation of Saskatchewan’s Liquor Dispensary, 1915

Michael Lewis

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Foreign Overflights in the Canadian Arctic and the Defense of National Sovereignty in the

Region, 1923-1937

Lawrence Taylor

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“Spoiled Identity” and “The Frozen Now”: Rebalancing “The Trouble” in CanLit with the

Medical Conceptualization of Shame

Shane Neilson

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BOOK REVIEWS by Peter L. Twohig, Richard Harris, Margaret A. Lowe, Michel Hogue,

Isabelle Fournier, Cameron Tardif, Dominique Brégent-Heald, James Naylor,

Edward MacDonald, Micah A. Pawling, Alison Smith, and Joseph Miller

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