"Why Canada Matters" Speakers Series: "Roots, Routes, and Reckonings: On Blackness and Belonging in North America"

As part of the ongoing "Why Canada Matters" Speakers Series, the Center for Canadian-American Studies at Western Washington University will host a virtual event for Dr. Debra Thompson, Associate Professor of Political Science and Canada Research Chair in Racial Inequality in Democratic Societies at McGill University.

Dr. Thompson's lecture journeys back and forth across the Canada/US border, and from coast to coast, combining memoir and analysis to highlight the tensions, contradictions, translations, and complications that anchor our understandings of race. Across time and space, this research asks: where is home for those of African descent, and is belonging within the confines of the nation-state either possible or desirable?

This event will be held on Wed., Feb. 1, from 1-2:15pm Eastern Time, 10-11:15am Pacific Time.

For more information, including to register for the free event, please visit here