George Sulzner Award

The George Sulzner Award for Outstanding Service will be presented, effective with the 2023 50th anniversary (Covid-delayed) biennial conference, to a member of the association who has provided distinguished service to ACSUS. The award honors the career of Dr. George T. Sulzner, who exemplified the spirit of selfless service to ACSUS, Canadian Studies, and academia in his role as a mentor, administrator, officer, and patron for all of these causes and the people involved with them. This award recognizes the efforts of people who reflect that same spirit and whose contributions to ACSUS may not have been previously recognized but who have made a lasting contribution to the success of its mission.

Future recipients will be members of ACSUS who have a record of substantial activity in support of the administrative, programmatic, advisory, and/or decision-making efforts of the association and its mission to advance the academic study of Canada. Eligible recipients also may be noted for conspicuous service to the cause of Canadian Studies in the United States that have not directly involved the activities of the association.

The award will be presented on a biannual basis through a process including nominations (by a member of the association) to the ACSUS Awards Committee, sent to Selected recipients will be chosen as a result of a recommendation of the ACSUS Awards Committee to the ACSUS President.