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ACSUS has approximately 500 individual and institutional members from the United States, Canada, and other countries. The majority of members are university and college professors; other individual members are from the fields of law, business, and government. Institutional members include libraries, publishers, government departments, and professional groups.

Membership is open to anyone interested in Canadian studies or scholarly activity on Canada upon payment of dues.

If you have not joined ACSUS, or if you have not renewed your membership since January 2015, you will need to renew/join before you will be able to establish an account on the ACSUS website.  After you have completed the online membership form and paid the appropriate dues, you will be able to set up an account on the ACSUS website. Using this account, you will be able to gain access to members-only content - notably, the American Review of Canadian Studies.  If you have any questions, or if you encounter difficulties, please contact


President's Circle:

Thomas G. Barnes, University of California, Berkeley 

Diddy R. M. Hitchins, University of Alaska Anchorage

Greg Mahler, Earlham College

Helen Jean M. Nugent, Franklin College

George T. Sulzner, University of Massachusetts  



Tamara Woroby, Johns Hopkins SAiS/Towson University  



Larry Biddison, Mansfield University

David Biette, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

Walter Boston, Brockport, New York

Michael Broadway, Michigan State University

Bruce Butterfield, Plattsburgh State University of New York

Judith Varney Burch, Arctic Inuit Art

Kevin Christiano, University of Notre Dame

John Corbett, Portland State University

Myrna Delson-Karan, Queens College, City University of NY

Clifford Egan, University of Houston

Nadine Fabbi, University of Washington

Earl Fry, Brigham Young University

Chad Gaffield, University of Ottawa

Robert Gill, Radford University

Karen Gould, University of Cincinnati

Helen Graves, University of Michigan

Anne Griffin, Cooper Union

Hugh Hazelton, Concordia University

Carol Higham, Davidson College

Ross Horning, Creighton University

Norman London, Group Dimensions International

Joseph McKinney, Baylor University

William Metcalfe, University of Vermont

AnnMarie Mitchell, University of California Berkeley

Peter Morici, Alexandria, Virginia

Rita Ross, University of California Berkeley

Milena Santoro, Georgetown University

Mildred Schwartz, New York City

Richard Seaborn, Ottawa

Reginald Stuart, Mount Saint Vincent University

Ron Tallman, Roosevelt University

Jeffrey Tenenbaum, University of Massachusetts, Amherst 

Barbara Torrey, Population Reference Bureau, Washington D.C.

Michael Treleaven, Gonzaga University

Stephen Ullman, SUNY College at Brockport

Richard Vengroff, University of Connecticut

Robert Whelan, University of New Orleans


Donald Alper, Western Washington University

Robert Bence, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

John Bolin, Berea College

Nancy Church, Plattsburgh State University of New York

David Close, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Patrick Coleman, University of California Los Angeles

Cecilia Danysk, Western Washington University

Georges Fauriol, Oakton, VA

Annette Baker Fox, Columbia University

Paula Gilbert, George Mason University

Marty Lubin, Plattsburgh State University

Elizabeth Mancke, University of Akron

James Mochoruk, University of North Dakota

Katherine Morrison, Toronto

Mary Rowan, New York City

Marion Salinger, Duke University

Michael Unsworth, Michigan State University  

Kent Weaver, Georgetown University

Charles Webb, Tennessee Tech University

Charles White, Portland State University



Dana L. Baker, University of Missouri Columbia 

Dawn Bowen, Mary Washington College

Beth Casey, Bowling Green State University

Joseph Donohoe, Michigan State University

Joseph Dukert, Bethesda, Maryland 

David Dyment, University of Ottawa

John Ferstel, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Marjorie Fitzpatrick, Dickinson College

Timothy Foran, University of Ottawa

George Fujii, University of California

Fran Kaye, University of Nebraska Lincoln

Martin Lubin, Plattsburgh State University
David Massell, University of Vermont

Judith McCombs, Writer's Center, Maryland

Michael Millar, University of Northern Iowa

Robert Monahan, Western Washington University

Heather Nicol, University of West Georgia

Charles Nitsche, Geneseo, New York

Marc O'Reilly, Heidelberg College 

Edward Pasko, Purdue University

Rhonda Phillips, University of Florida

Donald Savoie, Department of Indian and Northern Affairs (now University of Moncton)

Mildred Schwartz, University of Illinois at Chicago/New York University

Joel Smith, Duke University

Jacqueline Stoneberger, SUNY Platsburgh

Raymond Tatalovich, Loyola University

Debora Van Nijnatten, Wilfrid Laurier University

Donna Xiques, Brooklyn College, CUNY





ACSUS  continues to be extremely grateful to its Lifetime Members:

David Archibald (honorary life member)

Thomas G. Barnes (deceased), University of California, Berkeley

David N. Biette (honorary life member)

Neil Carter, Brigham Young University-Idaho

Anthony Cicerone, BridgewaterState College

Myrna Delson-Karan (deceased), Fordham University

Munroe Eagles, University at Buffalo-SUNY

Anne Griffin, The Cooper Union

Hugh Hazelton, Concordia University 

Diddy R.M. Hitchins, University of Alaska Anchorage

Ross C. Horning, Jr., CreightonUniversity

Patrick James, University of Southern California

Keith Keener, Alexandria , VA

Mary Kirtz, University of Akron

James McHugh, University of Akron

William Metcalfe, University of Vermont

Matthew Mingus, Western Michigan University

Thomas Murphy, Seattle University 

Douglas Nord, Western Washington University  

Helen Jean M. Nugent, FranklinCollege of Indiana

Dennis J. Pavlich, University of British Columbia

Paul Rich, University of the Americas-Puebla

Denise Rochat, Smith College

Milena Santoro, Georgetown University

David Staines, University of Ottawa

George Sulzner, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Jeffrey Tenenbaum, Amherst, Massachusetts

Lee Briscoe Thompson, University of Vermont

Mel B. Yoken, University of Massachusetts , Dartmouth  

Daowei Zhang, Auburn University

Bank of Montreal Financial Group, Toronto, Ontario  

Canadian Studies Centre, Michigan State University


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