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Books for review (Winter 2012/13)






· DAVID A. ROSSITER, Western Washington University



· JEFFREY AYRES, St. Michael’s College

· CAROL L. BERAN, St. Mary’s College of California

· C.L. HIGHAM, University of North Carolina–Charlotte

· MILÉNA SANTORO, Georgetown University



· CATHERINE O’MARA WALLACE, Western Washington University



· MICHAEL J. BROADWAY, Northern Michigan University

· RONALD KALAFSKY, University of Tennessee

· SARA BETH KEOUGH, Saginaw Valley State University

· CHRISTOPHER KIRKEY, State University of New York–Plattsburgh

· JAMES McHUGH, Roosevelt University

· RICHARD D. PARKER, High Point University

· JANE MOSS, Duke University

· BARRY RABE, University of Michigan

· SCOTT SEE, University of Maine

· PAMELA V. SING, University of Alberta, Campus Saint-Jean

· PAUL STORER, Western Washington University

· JOHN H. THOMPSON, Duke University


American Review of Canadian Studies (ARCS) is a refereed, multidisciplinary, quarterly journal. Published since 1971 by the Association for Canadian Studies in the United States (ACSUS),American Review of Canadian Studies examines Canada and the Canadian point of view from an American perspective. Its articles—both interdisciplinary and disciplinary—explore Canada’s arts, cultures, economics, politics, history, society, and environment, recognizing Canada’s distinctive position in the world. Most issues of the journal also contain reviews of recently published books across that same broad spectrum of topics—reviews that acquaint readers with current scholarship in the field.


In 2009 ACSUS entered into an agreement with Taylor & Francis in the UK to handle production, marketing, and some other aspects of the publication cycle. Taylor & Francis handles nearly 250 journals worldwide in its Routledge Journals division and will use that expertise to market aggressively—an endeavor that should significantly increase the journal’s readership. General inquiries should be emailed to the journal’s editorial team—Dr. David Rossiter, editor, and Catherine Wallace, managing editor—at Books for review should be sent to ARCS at the following address: American Review of Canadian Studies, Center for Canadian-American Studies, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA 98225-9110. Articles for potential publication should be submitted in accordance with the following instructions:




The editors of American Review of Canadian Studies invite submission of articles in any area of Canadian studies and are receptive to a wide range of methodologies; topical pieces and responses to articles published in previous issues will also be considered. Submissions should be fifteen to twenty-five double-spaced pages in length, including references, and should be submitted via ScholarOne Manuscripts (formerly Manuscript Central) via the following website:


When you arrive at that site, about midway down you’ll see the sentence “If you do not have an account, please click here to create an account.” Everyone already in our existing list of contacts has been incorporated into the system and given an account that requires only activation and updating (if your contact info has changed). If you think that applies to you, enter your email address in the Password Help field on the log-in page and click “Go”; the system will then send you the password information you need to log in. If, on the other hand, you’re new to ARCS (or your email address has changed), click as instructed to create an account. Once you have an account—whether you created it or reactivated it—you’ll be able to log in as a “registered user.” That will take you to a page that invites you to click on “Author Center"; when you do so, an eye-catching blue box will direct you to “Click here to submit a new manuscript”—and the process begins!


In preparation for submitting your manuscript, you’ll want to make a version that you’re certain does not reveal your identity in either text or notes. Many of our submissions begin their life as papers presented at conferences. The titles of such papers can easily be linked to their authors by anyone using a computer search engine. If your submission falls into that category, please re-title it prior to submission. The anonymity of submitters and reviewers is vital to the journal’s health.


Although articles need not have a particular reference style for consideration, the final version of an accepted manuscript will need to be submitted using the author-date system, with in-text citations corresponding to an end-of-article reference list (as outlined in The Chicago Manual of Style; please refer to most recent edition). The CMOS website includes lots of helpful examples:


You’ll want to follow the examples labelled T (for in-text references) and R (for the reference list).


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