Occasional Papers


The electronic, peer-reviewed Occasional Papers on Public Policy series is designed to highlight ongoing policy relevant research in Canadian domestic and foreign policy, and at the federal, provincial, and city level.  We invite submissions on issues of public policy that pertain to cross-border relations between 

Canadaand theUnited States, or to policies in one of these countries that have implications for the other.

As with ARCS, the e-journal is multi-disciplinary and invites submission from all fields of policy inquiry. Papers may be of any length and should be submitted electronically to:

David Staines - david.staines@uottawa.ca 


New! Volume 4, Number 3: GREENING FREIGHT TRUCKS: WHAT TO DO AND HOW TO DO IT by Stephen Blank, Fulbright Visiting Research Chair in Governance and Public Administration, University of Ottawa Download 


New! Volume 4, Number 2: A "RADICAL" APPROACH TO SENATE REFORM IN CANADA by James T. McHugh, University of Akron Download 


2012 Volume 4, Number 1: LONG-TERM CARE FOR THE ELDERLY IN QUEBEC: CONSIDERATIONS OF APPROPRIATENESS AND QUALITY OF CARE by Howard A. Palley, University of Maryland, Marie-Pascale Pomey, University of Montreal, Marie-Josée Fleury, McGill University. Read the paper Download 


Volume 3, Number 1: Campaign Finance in

Canadaand theUS : Polcies, Powers, and Prospects by Clayton D. Peoples,University of Nevada , Reno. Download File (pdf)


Volume 2, Number 1:   Popular Attitudes towards the United Nations in 

Canadaand theUnited States: A Study in National Images by  Adam Chapnick,Royal Military CollegeofCanada/CanadianForcesCollege Download File (pdf)


Volume 1, Number 4: Trade Corridors and North American Competitiveness by Stephen Blank, Arizona State Univeristy / Columbia University  Download File (pdf)

Volume 1, Number 3: The Options for Internet Gambling in 

Canada by Justin Rex and David J. Jackson, Bowling GreenStateUniversity Download File (pdf)

Volume 1, Number 2: Neglected Structures of Governance in US-Canadian Cross Border Relationships by Arthur Mason, Arizona State University  Download File (pdf)

Volume 1, Number 1: Canadian Cannabis: Marijuana as an Irritant/Problem in Canada-US Relations  by Paul Gecelovsky, Department of Political Science, 

University ofLethbridge Download File (pdf)




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